Scrap Metal Pickup From GLE Scrap Metal

GLE Scrap Metal services the United States with scrap metal recycling, from individual metals recycling, all the way to large commercial and municipal projects across North America. If you’re ready to start recycling your metal scrap, GLE can help you get started.

How Do You Dispose of Metal Scrap?

Whether it’s residential, commercial, or municipal, working on buildings generates a lot of metal scrap. Stone, like gravel and concrete chunks, can be recycled for use in asphalt, but often scrap metal can be harder to deal with.

Once bent or broken, the metal can’t be recovered for reuse and needs to be scrapped. This new scrap can be incredibly hard to ship. For the average job, it’s best to get an industrial scrap metal container to gather scrap in.

Once you have a large enough shipment, you may not even need to move it yourself. Especially for commercial works and large-scale electric-based jobs, this may be necessary. If you need transport or scrap metal pickup, give GLE Scrap Metal a call.

Can you Scrap Rusty Metal?

Supporting and reinforcement structures in buildings can often rust, especially when exposed to the elements. Rusty metal can still be reforged and recycled regardless. Exposed metal pipes, sheet metal from roofing, and metal siding rust and can be recycled without any problems.

Similarly, things like water pumps and water heaters can be recycled but need to clear of water before being recycled. Questioning whether or not your metal is recyclable? Reference this guide to gain clarity on scrap confusion!

Identifying and Sorting Before Scrap Metal Collection

Whether you do or you don’t need metal scrap pickup, you can save money by sorting your metal scrap beforehand. Likewise, scrap metal pickup often isn’t free, so it’s usually worth sorting ahead of time.


How to tell different metals apart for scrap metal drop off


Using a small hand magnet is a quick way to sort between ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This can make it much easier to sort your materials ahead of time.

Can I Get a Scrap Metal Pick Up?

GLE partners with scrap metal haulers across the US to help contractors and C&D companies have their large scrap metal picked up. Even if you live outside of Florida or Michigan, please contact the closest GLE Scrap Metal collection site below to arrange a pickup.

GLE Scrap Metal can help pickup:

  • Municipal project scrap
  • Machine shop metal scrap
  • Commercial C&D metal waste and scrap chips
  • Commercial Plumbing scrap metal and pipes, including pumps and non-copper metals
  • Roofing metal waste from large commercial jobs
  • Large-scale residential projects that create a lot of scrap metal
  • Fabrication slag and scrap
  • Steel Mill and other metal fabrication scrap metal and chips

If you’re dealing with large volumes of scrap metal siding, industrial and residential wire, damaged solar panels, or any other kind of scrap metal waste, we can assist you.

GLE Scrap Metal can arrange scrap metal haulers in Michigan and Florida, as well as neighboring and surrounding states. If you’re looking for a scrap pickup near you, please give one of our closest locations a call below.

Scrap Metal Collection Michigan

For those in Michigan or surrounding states like Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Iowa, please reach out to one of our Michigan locations, and we’ll help arrange a pick up for your business.



Scrap Metal Collection Florida

Looking for scrap metal haulers in Florida or surrounding states like Alabama, Georgia, South & North Carolina? Give one of our Florida locations a call, and we’ll help arrange a scrap metal pickup for your business.



Scrap Metal Collection Outside Florida and Michigan

If you’re looking for scrap metal collection outside of Florida or Michigan, please give us a call us at 855-727-2788. Whether it’s to improve your bottom line or to help the environment, GLE Scrap Metal is here to help you with your metal waste needs.

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