Melvindale Metal Recycling for a Better Today

Here at GLE Scrap Metal, we have a dedicated team ready to help our customers get their worth out of recycling scrap metal. We will help with the processing, and sale of all qualities of metals. That’s why we offer Melvindale metal recycling at our scrap yard.

We offer top-dollar for scrap metal, regardless of how much weight you bring us.

With a dedicated staff committed to building long-term relationships with all of our customers, GLE Scrap Metal provides first-rate, environmentally friendly services for recycling all base and precious metals.

Our mission is to maintain a zero-landfill policy for metals that we receive. We’re 100 percent committed to improving our environment, preserving our resources, and conserving energy.

Find out why GLE Scrap Metal Recycling is a leader in the recycling industry.

Our Scrap Metal Services:

GLE Scrap Metal purchases large quantities of materials for top dollar. These materials will be supplied to domestic mills and global consumers. We have a logistics department that offers on-site pickup at businesses. We have fostered well-established relationships with independent carriers so we can help our customers get the most cost-effective recycling solutions.

In addition, we offer 55-gallon drums as well as containers that are all designed to meet our customers’ needs. Our environmentally-friendly Melvindale metal recycling facility and scrap yard has dedicated professionals ready to answer your questions.

Why You Should Recycle Scrap Metal

Recycling one aluminum can of soda will save enough energy to run a single light bulb for nearly a whole day. That means recycling a 6 pack of cans can give you light for nearly a week. Whoever said that recycling metal was a bright idea; they were right.

Recycling metal conserves natural resources, as well as reduces the emissions of dangerous greenhouse gasses. Less energy is used recycling metals than the energy needed to produce metals from virgin ore.

The reduction of scrap metal dumping and the increase in scrap metal recycling can help the environment and decrease the risk of environmental issues.

According to the EPA, the amount of energy that is saved from recycling metals compared to the production of virgin or is up to:

  • 95 % for aluminum
  • 60 % for steel

Bring Your Scrap Metal to GLE

Now more than ever it’s important to focus on our impact on the environment. That’s why here at GLE, we’ve made it easy to recycle scrap metal.

We are a full-service recycling company that offers money for metal. We will deposit your scrap metal to ensure that it is safely recycled and not left to waste in a junkyard.

Our scrap metal recycling company operates throughout the U.S., including in Michigan and Florida. Our Melvindale scrap yard is just south of Detroit, Michigan. Easily accessible to those who live in the city of Detroit; we will buy, process and sell all qualities and grades of non-ferrous or ferrous scrap metal.

Currently, GLE recycles more than 250 million pounds of scrap metal a year. Our team of professionals handles a fleet of trucks and equipment for jobs at any facility.

We make sure that none of the recyclable components of your scrap metal goes to waste. We will maximize the value of the metals and ensure you get compensated in return.

Contact us today at 855-SCRAP-88 and/or request a quote.

Visit our Melvindale, MI. Location at 25435 W Outer Dr, Melvindale, MI 48122.