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Melvindale & Detroit, MI Scrap Metal Recycling for a Better Today

Here at GLE Scrap Metal, we have a dedicated team ready to help our customers get their worth out of recycling scrap metal. We will help with the processing, and sale of all qualities of metals.

We offer top-dollar for your scrap metal, regardless of how much weight you bring us.

Our Melvindale scrap recycling location near Detroit, MI is also our specialty recycling center—offering all different types of ferrous metal recycling.

Our dedicated staff is committed to building long-term relationships with all of our customers, GLE Scrap Metal provides first-rate, environmentally friendly services for recycling all base and precious metals near Detroit, MI.

Why Recycle Your Scrap Metal?

GLE Melvindale

Recycling metal conserves natural resources, as well as reduces the emissions of dangerous greenhouse gasses. Less energy is used to recycle metals than the energy needed to produce metals from virgin ore.

Now more than ever it’s important to focus on our impact on the environment. That’s why here at GLE, we’ve made it easy & worth your while to recycle scrap metal at our Melvindale scrap yard.

We offer top dollar when you recycle your scrap metal at our Melvindale, MI location.

Too far from Melvindale & Detroit? Check out our Warren, MI scrap yard.

Bring Your Scrap Metal to GLE Scrap Detroit / Melvindale

Our scrap metal recycling company operates throughout the U.S., including in Michigan and Florida. Our Melvindale scrap yard is just south of Detroit, Michigan.

We also recycle metal automobile & car parts at this location.

At GLE, we pay top dollar for all ferrous materials by utilizing our knowledgeable staff and extensive equipment fleet to work for you. We offer containers for ferrous metals ranging from 10 to 80 yards in size to suit your site and maximize payload efficiencies - all to pay YOU more. We will buy, process, and sell all qualities and grades of non-ferrous or ferrous scrap metal.

We make sure that none of the recyclable components of your scrap metal goes to waste and maximize the value of the metals and ensure you get compensated in return for scrap recycling near Detroit..

Contact us today at 855-SCRAP-88 and/or request a quote.

Visit our Melvindale, MI. Location at 25435 W Outer Dr, Melvindale, MI 48122.

Visit Our Melvindale, MI Location

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Hear What Our Satisfied Customers Had To SAy

Best prices around! Friendly staff always looking out for you!

Charles Bearman

This was my first time selling scrap. The staff was friendly and answered all my questions. They even had a great big cooler full of free ice water for the customers, which was awesome on a super hot day!

Todd Clemons

Great service every time

Abby Wozniak

My first time at a scrap yard. I had no idea what I was doing, no magnet to identify metal, however the people at GLE were patient and a huge help.


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