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Get Your Mixed Loads Sold

We buy mixed loads from scrap metal dealers across the country to help you move products quicker and return cash flow. Our main priority is helping your business succeed which is why we offer prompt personalized payments, competitive prices, and excellent service.

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Improve Your Bottom Line

With our years of experience, we have been able to create strong long-standing relationships with domestic mills and global end-users that help us deliver top dollar to our customers.

We offer a variety of container sizes to suit your site and maximize payload efficiencies, all to pay you more. We have 55-gallon drums, Gaylord's, 4×4’s, 4×8’s, and containers ranging from 10 - 80 yards in size. Then, once it is full, just call in our truck fleet to swap it out, get a weight ticket, and get paid the same day.

Our logistics services include a fleet of trucks available for prompt pickup so you can save money and increase your revenue. 

The GLE Difference

Hedging Program

Worried pricing will go down? With our hedging program you can lock in at a certain market value. 

Fair Grading

We pride ourselves in fair and honest grading using state-certified scales and a breakdown of weight and loads.

Prompt Payment & Pickup

We offer logistics services where our trucks will pick up your scraps in a timely fashion with prompt personalized payment. 

Excellent Customer Service

Our team strives to always deliver quality service and be available to answer any questions. 

Improve your revenue by leveraging our logistics services and trader network.

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