Environmental Compliance

Striving to be the best in our industry, GLE Scrap Metal is continually training its staff on environmental procedures. We follow the guidelines of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Institute of Scrap Metal Recyclers (ISRI) in every scrap yard and recycling operation. The International Organization for standardization now certifies our Great Lakes Electronics Sterling Heights Michigan scrap yard and recycling facility as ISO 14001 compliant. Our other facilities are in the process of this certification.

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Our Promise to You

  • We will seek ways to continually improve our recycling process and evaluate our management procedures for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.
  • We will practice pollution prevention through consistent maintenance, education and operation upgrades.
  • We actively promote dialog with our neighbors on our environmental policies through participation in a number of different community groups and community notices.
  • We keep a close working relationship with professional environmental consultants in order to maintain compliance on all existing and future environmental laws and standards.
  • We will involve each of our employees in environmental stewardship and promotion of pollution prevention.

We are committed to the recycling of all material
in a safe and environmentally conscious matter.