8 Common Scrap Metal Recycling Myths Debunked
8 Common Scrap Metal Recycling Myths Debunked By a Recycling Facility

We’ve all fallen for a myth before. Like that bulls hate red or George Washington had wooden teeth.  Most of […]

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The best scrap metal tools from GLE Scrap for dismantling this pile of swarf
The Best Tools for Successful Metals Scrapping

The best scrap metal tools aren’t always what you’d expect. The tools you’ll want the most when starting are a […]

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Ships scrap metal
Aging Ships Offer Plenty of Valuable Parts to the Scrap Metal Recycling Industry

The marine scientist and oceanographer David Mearns has gotten a lot of attention in recent years for his work as […]

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Scrap Metal Around the House After Demolition: How to Get The Best Value

When working on home construction, demolition, and renovation, you end up with a lot of waste. It can be frustrating […]

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non-ferrous metals
Know Your Non-Ferrous Metals: A Brief Guide to Help You Scrap

Do you want to get into recycling or trading scrap metal? The type of metal you work with can make […]

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Metal Recycling – It’s Benefits & How Scrap Can Save the Planet

Did you know that metal recycling has reduced environmental pollution by 86% and decreased water pollution by 76%? Those numbers […]

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will manufacturing return to the us
GLE Scrap Metal A Top Scrap Recycler in 2021

Recycling Today Recognizes GLE Scrap Metal As One Of The Best Non-Ferrous Scrap Processors Miami, Florida: GLE Scrap Metal was […]

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GLE Scrap Salvage Metal
5 Game-Changing Salvage Metal Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2021

From price changes to the demand of the global market, it’s easy to get lost in the world of salvage […]

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C&D Recycling Featured Image GLE Scrap Metal
4 Strategic Ways to Spend Your Leftover C&D Recycling Budget

Once you’ve started separating and salvaging your C&D recycling waste, you can see your budget start to open up with […]

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Industrial Recycling GLE Scrap Featured Image
4 Key Ways Industrial Recycling Can Transform Your Manufacturing Plant

Photo by Adrian Deweerdt on Unsplash Industrial recycling isn’t top of mind for most manufacturers. However, this type of recycling […]

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GLE Scrap picks up production waste
5 Production Waste Management Tips to Grow a Green Manufacturing Facility

Scrap metal, often referred to as reject materials, are a huge component of production waste in manufacturing facilities. Thankfully, the […]

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GLE Scrap Warren Michigan
Discovery of New Seafloor Metals Prompts Problematic Deep Sea Mining Conquest

When we think of the bottom of the ocean, we submerge ourselves in total darkness and surround ourselves with thoughts […]

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are manufacturing jobs coming back to the us
The Rapid Change In The American Manufacturing Supply Chain

Will manufacturing return to the US? It’s happening right now, but probably not the way you’d imagine it. Coronavirus has […]

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Exploit Recycling Scrap For Superior Lean Manufacturing

Manufacturing in the U.S. has had a long love affair with materials research for efficiency. Production ideologies like Lean Manufacturing […]

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Why Coronavirus Made Green Steel More Important Than Ever

International trade and business have slowed to a crawl as countries everywhere deal with the strain of not having access […]

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will manufacturing return to the us
GLE Scrap Metal has been nominated for the 2020 S&P Global Platts Global Metals Awards in Two Categories

ORLANDO, FL. — GLE Scrap Metal, a national chain of commercial, municipal, industrial, and residential metal recycling centers, has been […]

Recycling center in Daytona, Florida
The Importance of a Circular Economy and Coronavirus

The effect of the Coronavirus on the world and national economy is starting to show. Today we want to cover […]

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Scrap Metal Pickup From GLE Scrap Metal

GLE Scrap Metal services the United States with scrap metal recycling, from individual metals recycling, all the way to large […]

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Recycling news not like the traditional newspapers shown
The Top 9 Recycling Industry News Publications

The Top 9 Recycling Industry News Publications Finding quality resources about scrap metal isn’t easy. Whether you’re hobbyist, professional, or […]

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Large steel scrap metal at GLE drop off center for recycling | Transformer Recycling
ISRI Calling for Scrap Metal Recycling Centers As Essential Services

In early March 2020, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries sent an urgent letter to the office of the Vice […]

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Steel Recycling
How to Start Recycling Steel

The benefits of recycling steel range from the economic to the environmental; we all have something to gain from metals […]

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will manufacturing return to the us
GLE Scrap Metal Recognized by Recycling Today

GLE Scrap Metal has grown from our early days in 2000 to the 200 employees’ strong metals recycling company it […]

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Pinhole Leaks in Copper Pipes: Why You Should Switch

If you have copper piping in your house or the house of a client, you may have pinhole leaks – […]

old brass and bronze bells ready for scrap metal recycling
How to Recycle Scrap Metal in Three Easy Steps

You’ve seen it kicking around your garage or backyard, taking up space and slowly becoming more and more of an […]

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Art is one of the many scrap metal uses
Scrap Metal Uses

What if everything that was used once could be recycled and used again? Think of how much better of a […]

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batteries, laptops, tablets and other electronics hiding rare earth metals
Rare Earth Production: Why are Rare Earth Metals Important to Recycle?

Did you know one of the rare earth elements uses is your smartphone? What about inside the touch-screen laptop sitting […]

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Environmental Issues and What You Can Do

  The quick pace of consumption in the modern world has presented a myriad of environmental issues–air pollution, water pollution, […]

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company recycling program
Companies Do Their Part With Recycling Programs

As awareness continues to grow about the benefits of recycling and the consequences of our growing waste, companies are starting […]

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the effects of not recycling
What Are The Effects of Not Recycling?

It’s a well-known fact that recycling is good for the environment–you place your bin at the end of your driveway […]

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ferrous metals recycling
What are Ferrous Metals and How can They be Recycled?

What’s ferrous metal recycling? Let’s break that down for you. There are two different types of metals that can be […]

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Selling scrap metal
Top Reasons Why There’s Value in Selling Scrap Metal

Most surveys indicate that the public wholeheartedly believes in the concept of recycling used items and the environmental benefits that […]

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New Recycling Trends
Emerging Government Programs Point Toward New Recycling Trends

In the U.S., there are currently no federal laws governing recycling and no national law that mandates it. So the […]

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scrap metal saves money
How Scrap Metal Recycling Saves Money

The scrap metal recycling industry is a fast-growing business that accounts for up to $90 billion in economic activity across […]

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where to find scrap metal
Where to Find Scrap Metal for Money

There are numerous ways to earn extra money. Some people take on part-time jobs while others look for seasonal work […]

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scrap recycling
As Recycling Expands into Space, the Need for More Scrap Recycling Back Homes Stays Strong

As a $116 billion industry in the U.S., scrap recycling is responsible for disposing of roughly 260 million tons of […]

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banning plastic straws
Debate Over Banning Plastic Straws Could Help Produce a Healthy Dialogue About Recycling Waste

A growing number of people think we have a serious plastics problem. And a lot of the frustration has been […]

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Booming growth and scrap metal recycling
Fast-Growing Global Economy Creates Expansion Opportunities for the Scrap Metal Industry

A strong economy is helping particular sectors grow at an accelerated rate, and a great example is the construction industry. […]

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How to Sell Scrap Metal For Recycling
How to Sell Scrap Metal For Recycling

Here’s how to sell scrap metal For recycling! If you’ve ever thought about selling scrap metal, there are plenty of […]

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Energy Savings from Recycling
Energy Savings from Recycling Scrap Metal

You get tons of energy savings from recycling scrap metal. Here’s how. We’ve all heard the old line: if you […]

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scrap metal recycling for cash
Scrap Metal Recycling for Cash? Metal Recycling lets you Go Green!

Scrap metal recycling for cash? That’s right, you can earn money while you help the environment. Recycling is increasingly popular. […]

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