GLE Scrap Metal Recognized by Recycling Today

GLE Scrap Metal has grown from our early days in 2000 to the 200 employees’ strong metals recycling company it is today. We are proud to have recently been featured in Recycling Today for our commitment to the environment and treating our customers well.

Recycling Today is a digital and traditional magazine about all things recycling, which has helped lead the industry economically and shine a spotlight on their environmental work.

The article is a spotlight on how the business grew over the past twenty years, and where we are today. If you’d like to read their story, you can see GLE Scrap Metal on Recycling Today’s website.

How We Can Help You

GLE Scrap Metal is proud to serve you as an environmental advocate, metal recycler, and scrap metal brokerage. If you are looking for a scrapyard, please give us a call at 855-SCRAP-88 or find your nearest location.

For Enterprise Scrap Metal Solutions, please reach out and we’ll arrange the logistics and transportation.

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