An Industry Leader in Scrap Metal Recycling in Daytona Beach 

At GLE Scrap Metal, we’re all about Keeping America Beautiful – and keeping the Greater Daytona Beach area clean and environmentally healthy as well. That’s why we offer metal recycling in Daytona Beach using our dedicated facility and scrap yard. Interested in Daytona metal recycling? Keep reading to learn more.

A top choice when it comes to industry-leading recycling efforts, we can take your end-of-life vehicles and appliances and turn that into cash in your pocket. We’re ready to accept end-of-life automobiles, auto parts, and scrap metal in all shapes, sizes and weights.

As a premier, professional scrap metal recycler, we offer competitive scrap prices at our scrap yards, so contact us today to get a quote.

At the same time, by recycling your scrap, we can help manufacturers hold down their production costs by selling the metals we’ve refined and recycled. That’s not only good for our economy, but it also uses less energy and releases far fewer emissions than securing metals from ore.

If you have questions about Daytona metal recycling, scrap metal pickups, scrap metal prices, or auto parts recycling, contact us today. We have a friendly, helpful, and experienced scrap yard team that can work with you on recycling all your scrap.

We make a strong commitment to exceeding your expectations and building long-term relationships with our customers. Our hard-working staff is here to offer you top dollar for your scrap, regardless of how much you’re bringing to us.

Scrap metal recycling is made easy by our experienced team, and by bringing your scrap metal to us, you’re helping to improve our environment and preserve our natural resources.

GLE is an environmentally friendly recycling company that accepts all base and precious metals. Our mission here at GLE Scrap is to maintain a zero-landfill policy for metals that are brought in for recycling. We’re also committed to conserving energy.

Contact GLE Scrap Metal to learn more about how you can earn money for your unwanted scrap and help all of us contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment.

Services We Provide:

At GLE Scrap Metal, we purchase large volumes of materials for top dollar so it can be supplied to domestic mills and global end-users. We have a logistics department offering on-site pick up at your business using our fleet of trucks, and well-established relationships with independent carriers to help you get the most cost-effective recycling solution for your business.

We also offer 55-gallon drums and containers designed to meet the needs at your location, and our environmentally-friendly facilities have dedicated and experienced professionals ready to answer all your questions.

An Experienced Team in Florida

As a full-service, all-in-one recycling company with operations throughout the U.S., GLE currently recycles more than 250 million pounds of scrap metal each year. Our first-rate logistics team handles an expansive fleet of trucks and equipment for jobs of any size, at any facility.

Our Daytona Beach metal recycling facility and scrap yard are found in Daytona and Casselberry, Florida; and our Miami scrap yard locations found in and around Miami and Opa Locka, Florida will buy, process and sell all grades of non-ferrous scrap metal, which consists of base metals that are non-magnetic and more resistant to corrosion. Examples of non-ferrous metals that we accept include copper, aluminum, brass, lead, and electrical cables.

In a nutshell, we ensure that your excess materials don’t go to waste as we maximize the value you receive in return.

Visit our Daytona Beach, FL. Location at 407 Flomich St, Daytona Beach, FL 32117.