Scrap Metal Recycling for Cash? Metal Recycling lets you Go Green!

Scrap metal recycling for cash? That’s right, you can earn money while you help the environment.

Recycling is increasingly popular. Homeowners grab used items like cans and plastic bottles that are recycled in their city. Across the nation, participation rates keep going up.

That’s because a growing number of Americans understand the benefits of recycling.

But there’s another item being recycled a lot these days, and it falls into a different category.

For recycling of scrap metal, it’s not about putting something in your municipal recycling bin.

That’s particularly true since we may be talking about an old stove, car parts car, or aging pipes.

Used steel plays a different role in the recycling world. Much larger items can be recycled and used again rather than sent to a landfill. That helps contribute to a safer and healthier environment.

Recycling metal is about demonstrating how much we love the planet. It’s also about putting a check on pollution and the deterioration of our natural resources.

In short, it’s about going green.

And when it comes to companies like GLE Scrap Metal, going green means not only helping the environment, but also putting cash in your pocket.


Scrap Metal Recycling for Cash

As a full-service recycling company, GLE Scrap Metal recycles millions and millions of pounds of scrap metal every year. We offer top dollar for your scrap, regardless of whether it weighs one pound — or one million pounds.

Being environmentally responsible is what we’re all about and has made GLE Scrap Metal a leader in the industry.
And this has become a really big industry.

If you’ve ever driven past a demolition site, you might wonder what happens to everything in there – including all that steel. It definitely hasn’t reached the end of its life cycle, and can be recycled and resold on the open market, since demand for recycled metals has skyrocketed.

Anyone can recycle these metals since they’re common in your home. Wires, steel structures, farming or lawn equipment, plumbing and bathroom fixtures, old appliances, and even your old cars fall into the category of scrap metal.

The scrap metal recycling industry deals with two types of metals, ferrous and nonferrous, and both are in high demand. The Institute of Scrap Metal Recycling Industries notes that the recycling of nonferrous metal scrap, which doesn’t contain iron, has become a $77 billion industry.

Recycling your used metal items accomplishes a lot of major environmental goals. It conserves landfill space and natural resources.

By recycling scrap metal, we can cut down on drilling and mining for ore.

Most of all, that saves the ores that occur naturally in the earth’s surface. We can also save on water usage and soil erosion when we don’t rely on mining for ores.


Green recycling

Especially relevant is that a growing number of companies are buying scrap metal from recycling facilities. It can be used as environmentally-friendly building material, adding to the company’s green credentials. It’s an exciting technology.

And now the scrap metal recycling industry allows you to Go Green yourself, by bringing us your old junk — and getting greenbacks in return.

When you opt to recycle your junk metal, what you’re doing is saving raw material by reusing the same metal again.

You’ll find it’s profitable to go green by recycling your aluminum, copper, and other metals. GLE Scrap Metal is ready to work with you to put money in your pocket for the metal junk you own.


Scrap Metal Recycling for the Environment

There’s an old line about throwing in everything – and the kitchen sink. In the world of scrap metal recycling, you literally can include the kitchen sink among the items you recycle.

The recycling industry has grown as more people understand the environmental benefits of Going Green and recycling their steel junk.

Because we want to help spread the word that Going Green can bring financial rewards as well.

So contact GLE Scrap Metal today by calling 855-SCRAP-88 to learn more or to request a quote.

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