GLE Scrap Metal has been nominated for the 2020 S&P Global Platts Global Metals Awards in Two Categories

ORLANDO, FL. — GLE Scrap Metal, a national chain of commercial, municipal, industrial, and residential metal recycling centers, has been nominated for two awards in the eighth annual S&P Global Platts Global Metals Awards. The awards program recognizes exemplary accomplishments in 15 categories of which GLE Scrap Metal is a finalist for Scrap & Recycling Industry Leadership and Physical Metals Service Provider.

Since 2012, S&P Global Platts has held the Global Metal Awards, a highly competitive awards program that serves to honor excellence and accomplishments in the global metals industry.
The host responsible for the awards, S&P Global Platts, is an information brokerage firm focused on the energy and physical commodities market.

S&P Global states “ The Global Metals Awards are modeled to recognize those that motivate the metals industry to new paradigms, embodying excellence in leadership, innovation, safety, integrity and overall performance.”

GLE Scrap Metal S&P

Wire scrap from one of GLE’s recycling facilities

With nominees spanning over 23 countries, GLE Scrap Metal is honored to be a finalist at these prestigious awards and considers it an incredible achievement to be recognized on a global platform as a leader in the Metals Industry.

Winners of the Global Metals Awards will be selected by the program’s independent panel of judges and announced June 30 in an online celebration.

About GLE Scrap Metal

GLE Scrap Metal began its humble operations over twenty years ago. Since then the company has expanded and now operates 6 full-service recycling facilities nationwide.  Along with its recycling facilities GLE also operates a full service metals brokerage firm, and an internal plant to further downstream Insulated Copper Wire along with other various items.  With locations across the eastern US, the company now has 75+ acres of outdoor scrap yard and over 250,000 sq feet of facilities and processes more than 250,000,000 pounds of scrap each year.

From private customers to big corporations, GLE Scrap Metal offers a logistical and transportation team that aid in helping you protect the environment all while maximizing your revenue stream one piece of scrap metal at a time.

Contact GLE Scrap Metal by calling Mr. Daniel Poris (407-558-0999) or visiting their website at

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