Metal Recycling

So you’re in the construction, renovation, or demolition business, and you want to save on disposal costs of your construction debris as well as do good for the environment. According to the EPA, the United States generated 569 million tons of C&D debris in 2017, which is more than twice the amount of generated municipal


The benefits of recycling steel range from the economic to the environmental; we all have something to gain from metals recycling. There’s nothing really complicated about recycling steel, it’s more of a process of where to find it, and how to sort through the mess. If you’re ready to turn your scrap in, give GLE


GLE Scrap Metal has grown from our early days in 2000 to the 200 employees’ strong metals recycling company it is today. We are proud to have recently been featured in Recycling Today for our commitment to the environment and treating our customers well. Recycling Today is a digital and traditional magazine about all things