The Top 9 Recycling Industry News Publications

The Top 9 Recycling Industry News Publications

Finding quality resources about scrap metal isn’t easy. Whether you’re hobbyist, professional, or just looking to see how far the US and the rest of the world have come to creating a circular economy, then this is the list for you.

These are some of the best Recycling News companies online which publish details on scrap metal prices, industry trends, and commodity futures perfect for anyone looking to learn more about recycling.

9. American Recycler

American Recycler regularly updates its news on industry trends with a focus on organic solutions. Its many articles include some unique features for those looking to get further into recycling, including an equipment spotlight for various recycling tools and machines.

From both inside the recycling industry and out, American Recycler can help give you an idea of where recycling is going over the next year or so. For example, one story from February 2020 covers how the white house tariffs changed steel and aluminum pricing in the US for consumers and businesses, explaining how it will affect trading prices moving forward.

8. Let’s Recycle

Across the pond, Let’s Recycle is a UK recycling publication covering all things recycling, including waste, glass, metal, paper, and even textiles.

If you’re interested in seeing how the UK deals with trading recycled metals between the European Union and the United States, this is a go-to source to learn more about it.

On top of that, Let’s Recycle has a local recycling company directory, recycling commodity prices, and takes part in a European zero waste initiative, simply called Zero Waste. If you’re ever looking for insight into how the international market deals with scrap metal, Let’s Recycle is a great resource.

7. Waste Dive

While Waste Dive covers mostly general news for the recycling industry, they do a great job of providing quality content. Their reporting is informative and engaging without having to be an industry expert to understand it. Although, you won’t find news on scrap metal recycling, Waste Dive covers corporate news, plastics recycling, and focuses on waste recycling initiatives.

Since the outbreak of Covid19 in the US, Waste Dive has stepped up it’s reporting on medical waste, an often overlooked form of recycling. Many recyclers can’t take waste and metals of this kind, and since the Coronavirus, the need for legislation on medical waste has exploded. Luckily, you can follow Waste Dive on the issue.

6. Scrap Metal Forum

Scrap Metal Forum is an unofficial forum of scrap metal recycling enthusiasts. The forum includes discussions over scrap metal pricing, tools of the trade, and the occasional scrapping professional.

The forum has tens of thousands of members across the country and beyond, and includes dozens of tutorials for how to prepare your scrap metal for maximum profit when taking it to a recycler.

5. Resource Recycling

Resource Recycling is another excellent source for recycling news. They often cover topics in and outside the industry. The publication is prevalent for both scrappers and businesses alike. The company’s print editions include additional stories and coverage of the industry.

Beyond scrap metal trading and regulation, Resource Recycling includes sister publications, including plastics recycling and e-waste news. If you’re a metal commodities investor, this may be your best source of information on where markets are heading.

4. Scrap Register

Scrap Register is pure and simple, a pricing index for scrap metal trading. The index is updated at least once a day, with just about every metal and scrap resource listed. The website even includes a set of scrap offers put up by users looking to get rid of their old scrap that may be too cumbersome for them to haul themselves.

The site does include a news section, but mostly it focuses on mining efforts, production supplies, and broad metal imports.

One of the most useful sections, however, has to be Scrap Register’s steel recycling news. While very technical, the info is to the point and can give you a quick idea of where steel trading is at a glance.

3. American Metal Market

However, if you’re looking for a more in-depth look at scrap metal prices, AMM is the place to be. American Metal Market regularly covers current estimates, projections, and corrections to keep everything as close to the national average as possible.

They regularly publish a physical and digital journal about international trade, prices, and regulation, not unlike Resource Recycling and Scrap Register, but takes a more rounded approach to its news.

2. Institute of Scrap Metal Recycling Industries

The Institute of Scrap Metal Recycling Industries, also known as ISRI, is the best source for learning how your company can benefit from recycling. The Institute is known for its in-depth coverage of the legality behind scrap recycling and recycling news. While it’s coverage can be information forward like Scrap Register’s news, ISRI is often the source for the rest of the news publications on this list.

ISRI includes recycling certifications and works as a significant non-profit lobbying group for scrap recycling in the US. The Institute hosts regular conferences and scheduled meetings with companies looking to improve their recycling efforts, making this a fantastic resource for anyone just looking to make a difference.

1. Recycling Today

Recycling Today is the best source around for recycling news as it regularly covers national, international, and local changes. The publication is regularly on the heartbeat of the industry and has various tools built into the site to help out recyclers and traders.

Recycling Today also includes two sister publications similar to Resource Recycling, with thorough coverage on CD Recycling and Waste Recycling. Overall, the publication provides insight for those looking to gain a better understanding of the current and future world of recycling.

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