GLE Scrap Metal A Top Scrap Recycler in 2021

Recycling Today Recognizes GLE Scrap Metal As One Of The Best Non-Ferrous Scrap Processors

Miami, Florida: GLE Scrap Metal was praised by Recycling Today as one of the top non-ferrous scrap processors that was able to overcome the hurdles of the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, GLE Scrap Metal continued to process material and was able to surpass the industry’s needs. This was no small feat, as many scrap metal facilities were forced to shut their doors and put a halt on metal processing globally during the pandemic.

Most notably, GLE Scrap Metal was one of the Top 10 Largest nonferrous metal processing companies without an auto shredder that were recognized as key players in maintaining an output of recycled metals. The significance of this lies in the fact that metal needs have been surging over the past months, with demand outpacing supply.  

Early in the second quarter of 2020, nonferrous scrap flows North America essentially stopped as a result of COVID-19, the disease that results from the novel coronavirus. Some scrap yards closed their retail scrap operations, and industrial generation in certain sectors, including automotive and aerospace, ceased for a time.”  – Recycling Today 

Luckily, North America’s nonferrous scrap processors like GLE Scrap Metal met the challenges of the pandemic and continued to process material. 

Furthermore, GLE Scrap Metal is making it easier than ever for business owners and managers to find guides that will allow them to categorize ferrous and nonferrous parts at a job site, thus aiding with common inefficiencies of metal processing.

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For smaller metal scrap recyclers who are looking for an extra hand in scrap processing, GLE Scrap Metal can also be used as a secure route for scrap metal brokerage and trading services. Going forward, GLE Scrap Metal will continue to host a number of facilities throughout Florida and Michigan processing ferrous, non-ferrous, and wire, ultimately keeping up with the needs of the continued metal influx to come.

About: GLE Scrap Metal is a national metal recycler that has helped a plethora of companies secure logistics and transportation for their scrap metal and reduce production costs. Companies that practice proper lean manufacturing and remanufacturing practices are outperforming their markets everywhere.

GLE Scrap Metal works in part with sister company Great Lakes Electronics Corporation, a national Ewaste recycling company. As a full-service, all-in-one recycling company with operations throughout the U.S., GLE currently recycles millions of pounds of scrap metal annually, and is focused on increasing recyclable tonnage in the years ahead.

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