The best scrap metal tools from GLE Scrap for dismantling this pile of swarf
The Best Tools for Successful Metals Scrapping

The best scrap metal tools aren’t always what you’d expect. The tools you’ll want the most when starting are a […]

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scrap copper prices
Scrap Copper Prices are Tough to Determine and Change Daily from Market Conditions

Anyone who’s new to bringing scrap metal to a recycling firm may have noticed that recyclers don’t always post scrap […]

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Ships scrap metal
Aging Ships Offer Plenty of Valuable Parts to the Scrap Metal Recycling Industry

The marine scientist and oceanographer David Mearns has gotten a lot of attention in recent years for his work as […]

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consumer demand scrap metal recycling
Consumer Demand For Autos and Electronics is Boosting Scrap Metal Recycling

If you’re in the market for a new car or new electronic devices, you’re not alone. Across the globe, auto […]

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