Tampa Scrap Metal Recycling – Creating a Greener City Today

With so much construction and building taking place across Florida in the past 10 years, Tampa has demonstrated how quickly a city can develop. Increased development often means more production of excess scrap metal which needs to be recycled. This is why GLE Scrap Metal opened its newest location in the heart of Tampa, FL.

Our Tampa, FL scrap metal recycling facility is ready to serve the local industrial manufacturing, demolition, building, and area dealer base.  We will not be open to the general public for processing at this facility. For more specific details and to set your appointment please call us at 855-Scrap-88 or fill out the form. Our facilities in Daytona and Orlando are always open to the general public M-F 8-430.  Thank you for recycling responsibly, TEAM GLE.

Our family-owned and operated business has years of experience buying all grades of scrap at the highest prices, and we provide services to individuals, businesses, and municipal governments.

If you’re a commercial business connected to the Tampa area’s fast-growing urban development projects and you’ve got scrap metal, we want to hear from you.

GLE serves many different organizations and industries, with municipalities being just one of them. GLE also serves schools, area universities, local hospitals, government agencies, the military, and many other organizations that produce excess scrap.

At our Tampa Bay scrap yard, we maintain the highest quality standards in metal processing and offer the best prices for scrap at our other locations in Florida and Michigan. Our friendly, helpful, and experienced team is committed to exceeding your expectations and building long-term relationships with our customers by offering top dollar for their scrap.

Read more about our new location in Recycling Today, a publication with news and information about the recycling industry.

GLE Scrap is genuinely committed to environmentally friendly scrap recycling services. We accept many types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our mission at GLE Scrap is to maintain environmentally friendly facilities backed by our trained staff who understand the importance of efficient operation.

We also want to preserve natural resources and continue conserving energy, which puts us at the forefront of this industry as one of the most efficient recyclers you can find. Together, our staff and customers have helped make GLE Scrap Metal one of the leading recyclers in the industry.

GLE Scrap Metal – Since 1999

GLE Scrap Metal is a family-owned business that was founded on the premise of recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals in 1999. Since then the company has grown to include additional locations across Michigan and Florida, an R2 Certified electronics recycling center; a brokerage and trading division; and a 25-acre facility in Ocoee, FL, not to mention our newest location in Tampa, Florida.

Today, GLE employs 150+ people and stands as a leading authority when it comes to ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling across several different industries. Its success is built upon an organizational culture of commitment and teamwork while being environmentally friendly. We’re proud to partner with companies who share our mission and are excited about the future we see for this growing industry.

Our Commercial Scrap Services

At GLE Scrap Metal, we purchase large volumes of materials for top dollar so that we can provide a steady stock of resources and raw materials to domestic mills and global end-users. Our logistics team can quickly come to your site and offer you 24/7 pickup service directly from your location with our fleet of disposal trucks. Not only that, but we also work closely with independent carriers who have established relationships with globally acclaimed brands to help you get the most cost-effective recycling solution for your business.

At our public locations, we also offer 55-gallon drums and containers designed to meet your needs, and our environmentally-friendly facilities have dedicated and experienced professionals ready to answer all your questions.

An Experienced Team in Tampa, Florida

As a full-service, all-in-one recycling company with operations throughout the U.S., GLE Scrap Metal currently recycles more than 250 million pounds of scrap metal each year. Our first-rate logistics team handles an expansive fleet of trucks and equipment for jobs of any size, at any facility.

Our scrap metal recycling facilities across Florida will buy, process, and sell all grades of non-ferrous scrap metal, which consists of base metals that are non-magnetic and more resistant to corrosion. Examples of non-ferrous metals that we accept include copper, aluminum, brass, lead, and electrical cables.

We ensure that excess materials don’t go to waste as we maximize the value received in return.

Our Tampa, FL facility is located at 8751 Maislin Dr, Tampa, FL 33637.