Dumpster Diving: Where to Find Scrap Metal & How to Find Scrap Metal

where to find scrap metal

Scrap metal is valuable, it’s that simple. Here’s where to find scrap metal and how to find scrap metal. Finding free scrap metal doesn’t have to be hard. Here’s how.

There are numerous ways to pick up extra money. Some people take a part-time job, others drive Uber cars in their spare time, or they look for seasonal work.

Another option is to hunt down, find, and sell scrap metal. A growing number of people are discovering there is solid demand for scrap metal that can be recycled and reused – a process that is particularly beneficial to the environment.

They’ve found that there are plenty of ways to locate scrap metal that individuals and businesses no longer want and are ready to simply discard. One man’s trash can be another man’s treasures.

A company like GLE Scrap Metal, which recycles these metals, can help you figure out what the scrap you’re selling is worth.

If this sounds appealing, here are some tips on where you can find scrap metal – in your own city, even in your own neighborhood.


Where to Find Scrap Metal

Do you know where to get scrap metal? Here are some places and areas where to find scrap metal for free.

Before you start hunting, it helps to understand what the term scrap metal refers to, and what kind of items you would be collecting.

First, start by looking in your own house.

Scrap metal refers to a lot of things, and quite a few are very common. A popular scrap metal item to sell is copper. This metal is found in everything from your old toasters to Christmas tree lights.

Have you been planning a yard sale? Before you do, go through your items and see if any of them contain metal.
If you have some items containing metal that no longer work, don’t worry about that. The copper metal in your old toaster interests companies. Recycling these items helps even when they still work.

Good examples of scrap metals in your home include appliances. For example, you could sell:

• Copper (including power cords, or copper used in plumbing)
Aluminum, easy to find in old windows and patio furniture.
• Washing machines
• Dryers
• Refrigerators with top freezers
• Ovens and ranges
• Full size gas grills
• Cast iron bathtubs

If you’re remodeling or refurbishing your home, don’t toss out old faucets, pipes and drains in your bathroom or fixtures from your kitchen. They could also be sold as scrap metal.


Where to find Scrap Metal in Your Home?

where to find scrap metal and how to find scrap metal

If you notice that anyone in your neighborhood, or your city, has put their old appliances out on the curb for municipal trash collectors to pick up, feel free to grab it first. The same is true if you’ve noticed an old appliance left abandoned on the highway or roadway. Discarded roadside items are free for the pickings.

Another great place to find scrap metal is in autos. Car parts that are no longer usable contain lots of metal, sometimes multiple metal types. That goes all the way down to bolts, nuts, screws, and other fasteners, which can boost the weight of the metal you’re selling.

Recycle old cars as scrap metal. Recycle replacement parts in newer cars as well.

Another good source: yard sales. Now that you know what constitutes good scrap metal doesn’t mean your neighbors also know that. Yard, estate and foreclosure sales can all bring out items where “everything must go,” and that could include items with scrap metal.

Then think more creatively. Consider looking at:

• Golf courses, where broken clubs could be piling up in the trash. This trash pile is actually stainless steel and aluminum.
• Batting cages at the local mall, for discarded aluminum bats.
• Workout facilities contain cast iron scrap once weights age.

“Dumpster driving” at all the right places surprises many people because of the massive amounts available. If there are a lot of large apartment buildings in your city, it wouldn’t hurt to get to know the maintenance person in charge of each one. Ask them to contact you whenever they plan to discard old scrap metal items.


Why is scrap metal recycling beneficial?

Mining metal ores, then refining them into usable metals, is a process that’s simply not sustainable. There is a fixed amount of metals on earth.

On the other hand, metals can easily be recycled and reused. Recycling them means we can avoid the potential environmental risks of continued mining.

The process of recycling scrap metal also helps cut down on greenhouse gas emissions which are produced during the processing operations used to make metal from virgin ore. A considerable amount of energy is saved when metals are recycled instead.

Metal recycling also helps us conserve natural resources, since water is used in heavy quantities during the manufacturing of many metals.

How to Find Scrap Metal

There are plenty of places to find scrap metal that can be sold for recycling, and GLE Scrap Metal is happy to help you every step of the way.

GLE Scrap Metal is a premier scrap metal and electronic recycler, and we perform environmentally-friendly processing at this family-owned business.

We will purchase, process, and re-integrate all recyclable base metals that you bring to us.

Contact us today at 855-SCRAP-88 to request a quote.